About us


Jac and Jill’s Bakes is a sister owned and sugar fueled bakeshop serving Durham Region and Toronto East. We specialize in fun seasonal macarons, party cakes and more!


Life’s sweet and we think you should always find a reason to celebrate! Create memories, treat yourself and always leave room for dessert.

As sisters we grew up baking together, and the kitchen has always been the heart of our home. Today we are happy to combine our backgrounds in baking and art to handcraft desserts that taste as good as they look. 

Jacquie is a baking & pastry graduate and our head baker. Jac handles the day to day baking and recipe development. Her favourite thing to bake is macarons and has hand piped tens of thousands to date! Being a 90’s baby it’s no surprise her favourite thing on the menu is our Dunkaroo flavoured macaron!





Jillian is the creative force behind the brand, with a degree in fine arts she brings her artistic ability into all aspects of the business. Jill is our cake decorator and “Jill-of-all-trades” handling everything from social media to site shop upkeep. When she’s not in the kitchen bossing around her little sister (kidding), you can find her in her ceramic studio! She loves anything chocolate, and her go-to is our Cosmic Brownie.  


Together we have been creating buttercream dreams since 2017. Our secret ingredient is nostalgia, and we love to sprinkle a taste of our childhood into every batch.  Let us help you celebrate your next event, ‘cause it’s not a party without cake!