Box of 20 Macarons


Available in your choice of design and flavour (1 flavour and design per order of 20). Our colourful, handcrafted macarons are filled with Swiss meringue buttercream and available in a variety of fun, delicious  flavours.


If there is a flavour you would like that is not listed, but you know we've done it in the past, there is a good chance we can accommodate! Just select 'Other' and note your desired flavour. If we cannot accommodate we will contact you so you can pick another.

  • Macarons contain nuts, eggs and dairy. As well, we handle several allergens throughout our kitchen, including tree nuts, wheat, and others.

    Macarons are naturally gluten-free as they are made with almonds. However, some flavour macarons do directly contain gluten and other allergens not listed. 

    Please notify us of any allergies.